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Compare to nationally advertised packaged meal plans:

  • Our packaged meals are prepared by an experienced Chef, not a machine

  • Our packaged meals are prepared from fresh, seasonal ingredients, not frozen

  • Our packaged meals are made and delivered twice weekly to ensure freshness (applies to local delivery area only)

  • Our packaged meals are made specifically for you, not mass produced

  • Our packaged meals contain a protein, a complex carbohydrate and a vegetable for balanced nutrition

  • Our packaged meals are designed to meet a variety of nutritional goals, not just weight loss

Local meals are delivered fresh one or two times weekly, depending on size of order.  Meals shipped outside our local delivery area of Fort Myers/Cape Coral Florida are fresh frozen and shipped  in cooler packages.  Meals are served in individual disposable containers that are easily transported for meals on the go or at home. Just refrigerate until use, then microwave and serve!

We believe in using real food and nutritional guidance to help you meet your health potential.

Imagine enjoying healthy, affordable meals prepared by your own personal chef without the hassle of grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning up. Chef Jimmy Moroney brings more than twenty years of restaurant and catering experience with more than thirty years of fitness experience to help you meet your nutritional goals. Combining his love of delicious food, his knowledge of nutrition and his enthusiasm for health, Chef Jimmy offers multiple programs to help you adopt a healthier lifestyle and look your best while tantalizing your taste buds!