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​The Healthy Chef Training Studio was founded with the philosophy that every client deserves comprehensive, individualized programming, tailored to his/her specific goals and physical profile, in order to obtain the best results possible.

Healthy Chef functions under a results-based business model. This means your success is our success! Our approach is to OVER DELIVER, and to make sure our clients know that their progress is our top priority. ”Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” Therefore we are committed to providing our services with sincere intentions of seeing our clients reach their goals.

I train with integrity and a genuine passion for improving our clients’ health. Our training programs are designed using evidence-based best practices in the fitness industry. We believe that when it comes to personal health, people deserve to be guided honestly and through the safest means possible.

Do you want to take your personal training to another level?

Unfortunately there is no magical pill, diet, piece of equipment, or other quick-fix method for dramatic weight loss. Gimmicks that promise “extreme results” that are “fast and easy” are exactly that, gimmicks. If you see something in the media or on late night infomercials that seems too good to be true, it probably is. We are not about this and in all actually can't stand it!

Our Personalized Process...
If you want to successfully change your body, in a safe way and with lasting results, the only effective way to do this is through making changes in your exercise and nutrition habits. However, the specific changes may be different for each individual based on many physiological, lifestyle, and other factors.
 I will personally will work closely with you to formulate programs that target your  individual needs in these areas. I look forward to teaching you MY lifestyle and commitment to maintain a healthy lifestyle that will last a life time. 


Healthy Chef Jimmy